Pest Control

profishant provides a wide array of pest control options for commerical and industrial customers throughout New England.

Experience & Knowledge

profishant takes pest control experience and knowledge and mixes it with outstanding customer service.


Andrew Sievers, A.C.E. a former US Navy Veteran now President and Associate Certified Entomologist for profishant, inc’s., pest control division has numerous years of experience with hospitality, food manufacturing, health care providers and residential extermination. Andrew worked for three pest control companies and two large hotel firms before he started profishant, inc.  A sound understanding of customer service excellence is complimented by years of hands-on pest control knowledge.

What does it mean to be an Associate Certified Entomologist?

It takes a lot of knowledge and years of experience to become an A.C.E.  It also means adhering to a strict Code of Ethics – It is the mark of excellence in the pest control field.  Click to read more!

Commercial and industrial pest control solutions

Pests in your business are unpleasant, costly, and destructive. It is important that providers control this situation without creating new hazards to your business. This takes years of experience and knowledge. It also requires attention to detail and a sound understanding of excellent customer service. profishant takes pest control experience and mixes it with the best customer service skills to give our customers an unparralled experience.

Whether you own a restaurant, office building, multifamily residential property, school, daycare, hospital or nursing home, you must decide… Who do you want protecting your name, your brand? Who do you want representing your pest control program? Who is between you and a poor internet review? Great results requires great people, we require all our staff to be the most certified and commit to ongoing education and training. Most companies let them go when they become “too certified, or educated”.  We treat our staff like they come first, and they treat our customers the same in return. Your reputation and your brand are as important as ours is. Invite us over to meet with one of our highly trained commercial pest control experts for a free consultation.

Our Promise

At profishant, inc., a promise made is a promise kept. We promise the highest level of service from our well trained, highly passionate employees. We promise a fair price for exceptional work. We promise to be there for you when you need us. We promise to remember that YOU chose profishant, inc.

Thank you for your business, it means everything to us.




Our commercial division provides services to a wide array of commercial and industrial customers. 


Product Protection

This program is designed for those who need to protect their products from damage or contamination from pests. 

Mosquito & Tick Treatments

Protect your family & friends. 100% All natural. All the time treatment programs.


Wildlife Exclusion

Our wildlife division specializes in the exclusion and removal of nuisance wildlife. 


Quarterly Home Protection Plan

This program covers over 50 household pests at a low investment to you the customer.

Bi-Annual Perimeter Treatment

This is a year-round ant control program that covers pavement and carpenter ants.



Our termite program helps with current infestation and prevents future threats. 

Common Pests We Treat

Mosquitoes & Ticks 

Are you tired of hiding from your yard? Have you decided that change needs to happen?


Cockroach Treatment Services Protecting your home or business.

Bed Bugs

A leader in Massachusetts , New Hampshire and Rhode Island when it comes to bed bug removal services.


Termite control from profishant, inc. helps with current infestation but, also helps prevent a future threat.


Hornet and wasp service and honey bee removal and relocation. 

Wildlife Exclusion

Our wildlife division specializes in the exclusion and removal of nuisance wildlife. 


Our biannual program covers carpenter and pavement ants. 

Mice & Rats

Our services include finding entry points, trapping, and exclusion.