Third Party

Retail Food Safety Audits

As food borne illness has become front page news, you can’t afford not to protect your retail food operation.

Your Food Safety Partner

Make a commitment to the longevity or your food operation by calling us. Serving safe wholesome food to your cliental is your responsibility! Additionally, profishant is able to provide ServSafe certificated training for you or your staff. Call us today for a free quote. Rates may vary depending on size of facility, type of activity and audit frequency.

Third Party Retail Food Safety Audits

Whether you are a restaurant, local deli, café, lounge, catering kitchen or supermarket chain, you need to take steps necessary to ensure the continued success of your business. A food poisoning issue can lead to litigation, bad reputation ultimately leading to the potential demise of your life’s work. profishant, Inc. has developed a comprehensive internal audit designed to identify weaknesses in your retail establishment’s food preparation, handling, storage and serving practices.  An additional benefit of internal auditing is staying ahead of state and local board of health regulatory compliance

Our retail audit will assist employee understanding of the importance of food safety. We will identify areas of weakness as well as those in need of improvement. We can customize your audit to address specific needs of your retail business. Upon completion of your audit, we will provide a written report defining each non-conformance observation. profishant consultants will review these items in detail with you and your staff as appropriate offering recommendations to correct issues detected. Our audits are strictly confidential between profishant and our clients.