HACCP Compliance

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Would you like to demonstrate your company’s awareness and compliance as defined by HACCP Principles and Good Manufacturing Practices?

With You Every step of the way

profishant Food Safety Consultants will dramatically enhance your food safety system compliant with HACCP/GMP regulations.


profishants highly trained food safety professionals will assist with the design and development, including implementation, setup, training, and oversight of your system which will be capable of meeting or exceeding required standards. profishant will provide professional assistance related to this new system and coordinate the bridge to and from current operations to your HACCP/GMP approach.

Included in the HACCP System:

  • Organizational Charts & Key Employee Job Descriptions
  • Process Flow Charts
  • Hazard Analysis
  • HACCP Plans
  • Monitoring Records
  • Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures
  • Recall Program
  • Customer Complaint & Corrective Action Policy
  • Food Defense Policy
  • Crisis Management Policy
  • Employee Training
  • Current Program Reviews
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