Protection Plan

Protecting products from pests

Product Protection Plan

What is our Product Protection Plan?  This program is for those who have a desire or requirement to protect their products from damage or contamination of pests. Food Processing Plants, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical Manufacture even Art museums.

With profishant’s interactive data collection system, you can access pest control documentation from your desktop without leaving the office. Our system can be designed to report any and all concerns you may have while we are servicing your business. profishant will report sanitation and structural observations that may lead to or have a potential to cause pest concerns.

profishant’s experience with Federal pest management regulations and third-party audit prerequisite programs is unrivaled in the industry. We understand that pest control services play a significant role in the success of your food safety systems.  Since 1997, we have represented clients with regard to pest control and food safety in thousands of audits, including U.S. Food and Drug Administration, State Departments of Public Health, and Local Health Boards.  profishant is well versed in many GMP, GFSI, Organic and customer audits.

Our Offerings

In the building phase? We can consult with your contractors prior to and during the construction process ensuring your facility is less attractive to pests. Design and implement a proactive program that meets or exceeds your auditing guidelines. Audit your current program to give you peace of mind before your customer audit.

Our audit exposure has prepared us to assist you in every aspect of food safety and pest control services.

  • Audit accompaniment
  • Pre-Audit inspections
  • Free call backs

Highly trained pest control professionals that specialize in pest control for food and medical manufacturing.




Our commercial division provides services to a wide array of commercial and industrial customers. 


Product Protection

This program is designed for those who need to protect their products from damage or contamination from pests. 


Mosquito & Tick Treatments

Protect your family & friends. 100% All natural. All the time treatment programs.


Wildlife Exclusion

Our wildlife division specializes in the exclusion and removal of nuisance wildlife. 


Quarterly Home Protection Plan

This program covers over 50 household pests at a low investment to you the customer.


Bi-Annual Perimeter Treatment

This is a year-round ant control program that covers pavement and carpenter ants.



Our termite program helps with current infestation and prevents future threats. 

Common Pests we Treat

Mosquitoes & Ticks 

Are you tired of hiding from your yard? Have you decided that change needs to happen?


Cockroach Treatment Services Protecting your home or business.

Bed Bugs

A leader in Massachusetts , New Hampshire and Rhode Island when it comes to bed bug removal services.


Termite control from profishant, inc. helps with current infestation but, also helps prevent a future threat.


Hornet and wasp service and honey bee removal and relocation. 

Wildlife Exclusion

Our wildlife division specializes in the exclusion and removal of nuisance wildlife. 


Our biannual program covers carpenter and pavement ants. 

Mice & Rats

Our services include finding entry points, trapping, and exclusion.