I am not a fan of chemicals.

Person I just met: What do you do for a living?

Me: I work in pest control.

Person: I am not a fan of chemicals.

Me: Neither am I!

I have spent more than 20 years of my life trying to educate and change this perception. Let’s imagine I answered the question, I am in construction and your reply was, I am not a fan of demolition. There is so much more to building a new kitchen than the demo work. There is so much more to pest control than throwing chemicals around. What about meeting a doctor, would you look at them and say I do not like medicine? It is an oversimplification of our industry. Are there many that still have this spray everything approach? Absolutely, however we are not that company.

We use Chemicals when needed and we are very picky about which products we purchase. We also do not treat with chemicals indoors without a manager approving said service.

Using chemicals indoors, and outdoors should be taken seriously. Not hiring a company and buying over the counter pesticides is the opposite of serious. Usually, products over the counter are being used by those not trained in application methods for best results. This means the products have to be stronger or last longer to get the results a homeowner would enjoy. Commercial products are more targeted and many cases, breaks down quicker. This is done intentionally, for the environment and air quality measures. Does its job and gets out.

There should also be something said about storage and disposal of those products. They get used once, sit in your garage for years, many times tossed in the trash and leak into our ground water.

Call or write me personally, I would be happy to explain how and what we do. We put great thought and education behind every product we purchase. For your safety and the safety of every person that works here, working with these products daily.

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