Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service, are you getting that? More importantly, are you giving that?

After leaving the US Navy as a machinist mate I took a position in the hotel industry. I received the best of the best in customer service training with Ritz Carlton’s Hotels.  This training set me up for the rest of my life, it instilled a path of service that I will always adhere to in our company.  I used to work for a man that would say, “Who are you going to be today?  Are you going to be the guy who cuts corners, or are you going to be the guy that goes that extra mile, even though you are tired and in a rush?  Who are you going to be?”

I can’t stress this topic enough when dealing with our prospective customers, training our staff and more importantly, dealing with vendors.  Vendors act like they get it when they meet with us to gain our business.  Rarely do they really get it, and they should, it is everything to me.  It is everything! I will tell you how rare it is.  In 2009 when we officially formed profishant, inc., a food safety and pest control company, we had zero clients and zero vendors.  In trying to partner with the right companies to help us start our business, we had many that didn’t agree or approve of our views on customer service.  It is a lost art and almost completely dead.   You would have a better chance of seeing big foot riding a unicorn in the woods than finding vendors that provide excellent customer service.  Especially when you are just starting out. 

Why is it important to me?  When you allow poor service providers to treat your company, your people, as less than important, your staff will do the same to your clients; This is unacceptable.  Currently, I have three vendors that have been with me since day one, many have failed. All three companies I still work with more than a decade later, are because of an individual providing outstanding customer service, not a company.  There is a horrible expression in the service industry, one that is in my head daily.  “Your service is only as good as the person doing it”.  It should be as good as the commitment from the company you work with, that’s what we strive for. 

Are you the vendor for us?

I don’t care if you sell insurance, trucks, office supplies, payroll services, or pest control products.  Your job, 100% of the time, is to assist us in growing our business and helping us be more profitable.  Your job is to treat our staff as if we are the only ones paying you, because when we are more successful, so are you! This will enable us to pay you more and give you the customer retention you need.  If you can not do this this, you should not come to our office, you should not call on us, but you should find out why you can’t do this before you create a bad relationship with anyone else.

Want to work here?

It is important that we treat every customer like our own family, and that we always be honest and tell our customers the truth.  When we make a mistake, we own it and we fix it.  If you choose to partner with us, this is what is expected. 

We expect you to do what you say you will do.  In this process, mistakes and miscommunication may happen.  Never hide from it and never lie.  It is that simple.  We are loyal to those that work hard to help us do what we do best, excellent customer service!  We also happen to provide pest control and food safety consulting services.   

Article Written By:

Andrew Sievers, ACE

Associate Certied Entomologist
profishant, inc.

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