Why you need pest control.

I’ll start by saying times are tough on everyone right now. No one is immune to the economic downturn. Everyone is tightening their belt and looking to cut costs. The purpose of me writing this is to sympathize with what I just stated, but at the same time urge all commercial food establishments to compromise costs in other areas of the business, but NOT PEST CONTROL.

I get a lot of complaints about pricing, and why when programs are basically at a maintenance point, why I still must service their business every month. In reality, you aren’t really paying for all of the products used, or a logbook to show any state authority who might inquire about pest control. You are paying for an extra set of eyes. A set of eyes that are trained to see things differently than you might. For reference, I’ve included a picture above. I walked into one of my commercial accounts recently, preparing to do my monthly inspection. I noticed immediately that on our flying insect monitoring device, had an abnormal presence of drain flies. I went down to the basement and discovered that a sewage line had been leaking and a massive drain fly breeding site with had developed. I quickly alerted the owner of the business to this issue, and quickly got a nonchalant reply of “This must be new, I haven’t seen this, we will get it cleaned up soon.”. Innocent enough, but WHAT THEY SAW is a mess to clean up. WHAT I SAW was the possibility of these flies maturing, then in turn, finding their way upstairs where they could spread the bacteria from the sewage that they are breeding in, onto food being prepped, and then served to a customer, turning this in a public health matter. I informed him of the danger of this happening and the potential of patrons getting sick, and it was resolved in short order.

To summarize, if you operate a commercial food facility of any kind, a pest control program is not just an expense to appease people. It is a necessity to protect your brand, your customers, and it could ensure your doors stay open.

So please, let us be your eyes!

Article Written By:

Nick Suffoletto

Account Executive
profishant, inc.

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