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Spring is here and so are those pesky stink bugs!

Stink bugs can be a nuisance in the spring but, NO they are not coming in. They are already inside your home.

Spring is here and so are those pesky stink bugs!

Stink bugs can be a nuisance in the spring but, NO they are not coming in.  They are already inside your home.

What you are seeing is this pest more active in the spring, on warmer days.  Maybe the attic is a little warmer?  Maybe you are getting the sun reflecting in a window?  Do you have fruit lying out on the counter?  Either way, they think it is springtime and are testing the weather.  They might just leave, or they may find out it is not warm enough and try to get back in. 

How did they get in your home?

Stink bugs come into your home late spring, later august up to late September depending on temperature.  Houses are built to breathe, so they come in through cracks and crevices easily. There is no really easy way to build them out.   You can however check seals around windows and doors.  This can help both with pests and heat.  Check the screening in sofit and gable vents.  We can help with those repairs as well.  Once they are in, they can be difficult to control.  In severe cases, a fly light glue trap can help.  If they are not bothering you in the winter, it is best to let them out in the spring and have a treatment done in August the following year.  This treatment does not mean you will have no activity, but it can cut down on the numbers.  It can make the following spring a little easier for your family. 

What can you do about this pest right now?

Open windows and doors, let them fly out.  If you come home from work and it looks like a bunch of them are half dead on the floor or windowsill, sweep or vacuum them up and put them outside. 

What can profishant do to help you?

Call our office in June/July.  We can set up an inspection and treatment to help.  This service should be done in August, but after August the service will not have the results, you would want.  We will inspect the home and point out areas that should be addressed.  Some items we can fix, others we might not be able to.  We will leave you great notes and explain everything.  We then finish with a chemical treatment that will help lower numbers. 

Article Written By:

Andrew Sievers, ACE

Associate Certied Entomologist
profishant, inc.

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