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Having mice in your house is a problem for a lot of reasons. First, there is an uneasiness about having something uninvited in your space. Your home is your sanctuary, your safe space, and is probably the one place in life where you feel in complete control. So, when that is disturbed, it can cause anxiousness and an overall sense of discomfort. Not to mention mice can cause thousands of dollars in damage. I’m not just talking about the chewed-up sweater in the closet your great Mee-Maw knit for you when you were 5, or the finger-painting your child made in third grade that somehow found its way to the attic. Since rodents’ teeth don’t stop growing, they constantly need to gnaw to prevent overgrowth and keep teeth functional. These electrical wires are the perfect chew toy for mice, which can lead to costs in replacement, or worse, a house fire!

But hiring the right pest control company could prevent this from happening. But first, you need to hire someone who understands the biology and behavior of a mouse.

Females have litters of about 5-6, with a gestation period of around 20-days, and can have upwards of 10 litters a year! At 3-4 weeks, the pups are already branching out exploring and looking for food. These same pups become sexually mature at 6-10 weeks!

It is imperative that if/when a house mouse issue is discovered, you get a pest management professional in there early, and often. Setting up a program and following it up a few times is most likely not going to get it done. Simply visiting on a quarterly basis with an active mouse issue will never completely resolve the issue. The reason being that in those three months, your pest controller wasn’t servicing your home, the population could’ve expanded exponentially.

So, if you discover a mouse issue in your home, DO NOT wait to call your local pest control company. The sooner you call, the sooner you can mitigate this breeding cycle. Do not try to fix it on your own. Hire a professional who knows the ins and outs, and the habits of mice. Time is truly of the essence. When you do hire pest control for your home, get the most out of your program, and make sure they are following up OFTEN to nip the issue in the bud.

Use this information to your advantage. It could be the difference between a mouse free home, and generations of mice taking your peace of mind for years to come!

Article Written By:

Nick Suffoletto

Account Executive
profishant, inc.

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